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ReeChiq products are designed for everyday chicness, providing its clientele quality and style with charms and motifs that would be associated with a particular vacation destination.

The ReeChiq line has a distinctive signature style not available through any other jewelry manufacturer. The Expandable bracelet collection is 100% made in the United States with a core mindset to provide our clients with a social and environmental responsible product.

With our eco-friendly and recycled brass bangles, we allow you to take your vacation memories back home to share with your family and friends.

ReeChiq bangles are beautiful and modern destination bangles each with a charm that represents your vacation, which allows you to take your vacation memories home.

Each island/state comes with a beautiful selection of bracelets that are specific to that particular area which provide lasting memories for a lifetime.

  • ReeChiq bangles are 100% Made in USA.
  • ReeChiq hosts the largest collection of fashionable destination bangles.
  • ReeChiq allows you to take your vacation memories back home.
  • Each ReeChiq bangle comes with a small story/description about the bangle.
  • The bangle also comes with a ReeChiq branded box or pouch.
  • ReeChiq memories are forever.
  • ReeChiq bangles are made from 100% recycled brass.


ReeChiq takes an aggressive approach to support worthwhile causes, and at the top are those that benefit children. Children represent the future of this world, and there is no better way to support them than through charities that service them and their communities. For every single ReeChiq bangle sold, a portion is donated to Children’s Charities of America.